Understand the manufacturing procedures and production points of self-supporting bags


2023-06-14 11:34

1、 Manufacturing procedures

1. Preparation: install transverse heat sealing knife, bottom heat sealing knife, strengthen heat sealing knife, and install punching device.
2. Penetrate the film, set EPC, and align the bag edge and pattern.
3. Adjust the bottom heat sealing knife, input the length dimension, the position and direction of the knife should be aligned, and the above knife is the benchmark tool adjustment, and check whether the round hole is round. Set the photoelectric sensor.
4. Install the bottom film and adjust it to fold in the middle. Punch the bottom film.
5. Adjust the horizontal heat seal to align the position of the heat seal knife with the printing position.
6. Adjust and strengthen the heat sealing block and make up pressure at the intersection of the four layers.
7. Adjust the cutter and the cutting device of the edge material.
8. Confirm and adjust the bottom hole punching position and bottom heat sealing position. Confirm and adjust the position of transverse heat sealing knife and strengthen the heat sealing block. Confirm the heat seal strength and adjust the heat seal temperature.

2、 Key points of production

1. The tension of the bottom film should not be too high. If the tension is too high, the round hole on the bottom will be deformed. The general tension is 0.05~0.2MPa.
2. One group of heat sealing knives, with higher pressure and lower temperature, and the second and third groups use normal temperature and pressure.
3. The spring pressure of the strengthened heat sealing block is adjusted to zero, which only makes the heat sealing device work under its own weight.
4. Silica gel plate is generally used with hardness of 50 °, and 70 ° plate is used when the hot sealing area is small.
5. During heat sealing, the round hole on the bottom can increase the waiting time by 100min.
6. The bag making speed is generally 50~100 pieces/minute.

I hope it can be helpful to you through the above understanding of self-support bag.