Customization process and matters of sealing film


2023-06-14 11:34

PP sealing film is widely used in product packaging and sealing in food, cosmetics, daily necessities and other industries, and each user packs a variety of products, so PP sealing film also needs to be matched, including the specification, thickness, functional characteristics, etc. of PP sealing film. Therefore, in order to meet the different needs of users, the sealing film customization service was launched, that is, the sealing film was customized according to the needs of users, which was recognized and praised by the majority of new and old users.

The customized process and precautions of PP sealing film are as follows:

1. The thickness of PP sealing film must be determined, otherwise our company has started production as required, and the loss shall be borne by the user.
2. The quantity/weight of PP sealing film shall be determined according to actual needs. The unit is KG, and the minimum order quantity is 100KG.
3. It is used for color printing of PP sealing film to determine color, blank, 4 colors, 6 colors, 8 colors, etc.
4. For the original design of PP sealing film, the user must design the graphic information and layout of the sealing film and provide it to our customer service. Please communicate with customers in time if there is any change before the draft is finalized.
5. The functional characteristics of PP sealing film, if necessary, should have the characteristics of easy tearing, easy peeling, high temperature cooking resistance, corrosion resistance, freezing resistance, anti-fog, etc. Refrigeration, anti-fog and other characteristics. Anti-fog and other characteristics.