Fresh and convenient? Packaging innovation promotes the rapid development of the new generation of snacks


2023-06-14 11:34

The global salty snack market is expected to grow from US $94.5 billion in 2015 to US $138.2 billion in 2020 (GlobalData, 2016), and the definition of snacks is also changing due to consumers' concern about health.

Nielsen's survey showed that in the US market, snacks accounted for 11% of the dining consumption occasions, and consumers are not only pursuing potato chips and biscuits, they are increasingly concerned about healthy diet and the ingredients contained in food, 54% of consumers said they would eat as much vegetables as possible.

For European consumers, they also pay attention to the health of snacks. Two thirds of Europeans eat salty snacks like potato chips and nuts at least once a week, and 11% eat them several times a day. Compared with fat content and calories, more than 1/3 of European respondents are more concerned about natural ingredients, even organic ingredients in food.

Meat snack bars are becoming popular
As consumers pay more attention to healthy ingredients, the definition of snacks is changing. The meat snack bar that is becoming popular now is the best example of this trend.
Wild Zora is a rapidly developing brand, mainly producing meat&vegetable snack bars, such as Mediterranean mutton flavor with spinach, rosemary and turmeric.