Whether there are laws to follow in packaging innovation


2023-06-14 11:34

When it comes to innovation in domestic food packaging, one has to mention that it is Nongfu Mountain Spring. Its products have won the Pentawards Award, known as the Oscar in packaging design, for many times. Nongfu Mountain Spring is called "design company" by netizens. Not only that, the performance of Nongfu Mountain Spring is still rising, from 5.2 billion in 2010 to 15 billion in 2016. However, not all enterprises have achieved this result. Some enterprises have made great efforts in product innovation and also in product and packaging, but it is difficult to achieve similar results.
Is there a "first principle" in packaging design innovation? At present, few people seem to explore. Just as Reese went to explore the first principle of marketing, "Origin of Species" gave Reese inspiration, so he created the book "Origin of Brand" to explain the principle of brand birth. Is there a rule for packaging innovation?
Good design is durable
Dieter, the representative of minimalism? Rams said, "Good design is durable".
How did our ancestors drink milk? No, maybe our grandparents never drank milk when they were young. But now the prevalence of Tetra Pak pillows and Tetra Pak bags makes us accustomed to enjoying the taste of milk. "Tetra Pak Pillow", it may not be art, but it has really changed our lives. In more than half a century, it has facilitated billions of people around the world. Isn't it consistent with the concept of "good design is lasting"?
When it comes to packaging design, for consumers, the first association is more "beauty", but "convenience" and "quality" are also indispensable, and even take precedence over beauty. Packaging design can never be separated from technology.
For the brand, the ultimate goal should be both profitable and long-term. Long-term is of great significance. It can not only enjoy stable income, but also control costs (which seems to be a problem that all brands should always consider at present). The ultimate goal is not always easy to reach. Before we can summarize the methods, we should first look at which products we think are successful in packaging design?
According to the principle of "both profitable and long-term", as a consumer, there may not be many brands that you appreciate and are willing to buy repeatedly in packaging design.
The illustration design is charming. The spring, summer, autumn and winter of Changbai Mountain tell us that the water comes from Changbai Mountain, and the picture is full of fairy tales, which more implies purity. But the fundamental reason why I am willing to buy this product repeatedly is that its bottle cap touched me. This is probably the first innovative bottle cap on the drinking bottle in China, which can be opened and closed with one hand, and there is no need to worry about the natural outflow of water when tilting or upside down, which greatly facilitates drinking on the way.
Evian Fruits&Plants was sprouted when I first saw it through the network. The shape and color together convey a lovely and soft image. I don't know how many consumers, like me, have been captured only through such packaging. In addition to the fascinating new packaging full of art, the brand's long history (more than 200 years) and the Danone Group behind it have strengthened consumers' trust in Evian.
Why is it a package, not a product? Because this package represents too many products to enumerate.
The taste of "Earth Water" water itself is not strange, but the important thing is its scientific and technological sense of packaging, its face-drilled bottle shape, comfortable feel, and its performance of "ergonomic design and convenient drinking on the road". When I learned about the scientific and humanized application behind a package, I felt more "compelling" when drinking the water inside.
Later, it was found that a large number of products on the market were using this package, including the popular coconut water Vita Coco, which also started with Tetra Pak. At present, more than 50% of coconut water on the market (the actual number may be higher) is packaged with Tetra Pak.
Hi! Milk
If you can only design on Tetra Pak drill, which is very limited, it may be that your imagination is not good enough. Mengniu Hey! Milk launched a brand trip based on this package! I haven't experienced it personally, but it was very touching at first sight. What's your opinion?
The above successful packaging design can summarize how packaging design affects individual consumption decisions.
Four elements of creating a lasting product
If products are compared to mutual attraction and trust between people, "start with beauty, fall into talent, and be loyal to character" is the most appropriate metaphor. "Beauty" attracts consumers' attention, its connotation wins consumers' resonance, and its quality forms consumers' stickiness.
First, the connotation of packaging depends on the connotation of brand
Packaging design is the means and extension of brand, which means that the connotation of packaging originates from the connotation of brand.
The packaging design of any product cannot be independent of the brand itself. If the brand itself lacks connotation and has no "moving story", then the packaging is like a castle in the air, and the best design becomes an independent art.
Why do you say that "Guilin's landscape is the best in the world" or "the five mountains return without looking at the mountains"? It is the literati's pen and ink that endows the power of product culture and multiplies the value of products. When competing at the same level in terms of products and functions, culture plays a decisive role.
Some people will retort that the sales volume of certain products has increased significantly by virtue of innovative packaging, which is believed to have a certain stimulating effect. However, if a product can continue to grow steadily or maintain its sales status, it needs to rely on the brand. Otherwise, packaging is only an independent marketing event. After the heat, the sales volume will fall rapidly.
Therefore, before optimizing the packaging design, we should give priority to shaping the connotation of the brand, and packaging can also play a role in strengthening the connotation. It remains to be seen whether the packaging itself can turn the world around.
Second, packaging design should have continuity
We see that there are a lot of packaging designs that destroy their brand image in the market. When the word bottle is on fire, it is following the trend in a large number. When the fan economy is prevailing, many brands have also added the image of stars or cartoons to their packaging. These brands are like retail investors who drift with the tide in the stock market. The pursuit of hot spots again and again makes them lose their judgment. The brand has lost its personality, and even is constantly consuming its brand image. A brand with a clear positioning must see the continuity of its design.
Designer of Evian Fruits&Plants, Christophe, founder of BETC Design, shared in FBIF2017: "Evian never involves such things as vitamins. Evian does not consider whether things can bring energy or the magic of formula. Evian considers our purity. We have created the whole brand system. Even if some new elements are added, such as the three fruits on the package, these three fruits are still like three mountains together. The essence of Evian's pursuit has never changed. We have designed new product packages We still maintain a fresh and pure tone. We use transparent elements to show our purity. "
I once saw a saying in the circle of friends: "Restraint is also a strategy". Your product does not need to cater to everyone's needs.
Third, packaging design should reflect product quality
Satu Aalto, founder of Dotter Creative Group Oy, said when sharing the case of Spring Aqua: "The packaging itself is not enough, and the quality of your own products is also very important. If you just do a very beautiful job on the packaging, and then open it and find that the quality of this product is not satisfactory, this will also disappoint consumers."
Similarly, back to the product itself, the object of packaging design is the product. Never expect to solve all problems, even the problems of your own products, through packaging. But the material of packaging is also very important. This is a problem that we have seen in many products in China. Many products have excellent designs, which are spread through the network and video. Consumers are very excited, but after impulse purchase, they find that the effect of packaging is unsatisfactory. Every failed attempt may hurt consumers' impression of the brand image, or even irretrievable.
On the premise that the difference of "content" is not obvious, the aesthetic feeling of packaging design, the material and feel of packaging materials will affect consumers' judgment of product quality.
Fourth, continuous innovation, moving consumers at multiple points and establishing emotional connections
Why did you go to see a movie? Perhaps we have rarely been touched by advertisements, but no one can stop the "wave after wave" of sharing from the circle of friends.
Few people will become loyal fans of Nongfu Shanquan because of one advertisement, one package and one experience, but the intensification of the image of "innovation" again and again makes consumers sticky.
Just like brand marketing, it will not only do one case, but continue to launch. Coca-Cola's nickname bottle, lyrics bottle, sharing bottle and so on are all telling us continuously that "I can bring joy", and customers have strengthened their impression of Coca-Cola in many marketing campaigns.
Nielsen Lynn Xu emphasized that "innovation should be added in every link". The brand may try to continuously optimize and upgrade the same product to bring more surprises to customers. Instead of taking all minor improvements as costs. The stickiness and time of consumers will surely bring infinite rewards to the brand with "heart".