How should the packaging industry open up a new situation? New situation of "packaging" for improving quality and efficiency


2023-06-14 11:34

"Three products" strategy guides industrial upgrading
In the packaging industry, "three products" refer to the variety, quality and brand of packaging products. In 2018, the variety of packaging products will increase significantly, the quality of packaging products will be significantly improved, and the cultivation of packaging product brands should be strengthened.
In terms of the variety of packaging products, we should focus on the supply-side structural reform of the packaging industry, and on the basis of optimizing the traditional product structure and expanding the advantages of leading products, take the initiative to adapt to the intelligent manufacturing model and the diversified demand of consumption, and enhance the ability to upgrade supporting services for consumption. Through innovative design methods, production processes and technical means, we will vigorously develop new packaging materials, new products and new equipment, and promote the increase of product varieties and the improvement of service supply capacity. At the same time, we will focus on developing green, reusable and high-performance packaging materials, accelerate the development of networked, intelligent and flexible packaged equipment, vigorously develop functional, personalized and customized high-end products, and drive demand and consumption by enriching product varieties and optimizing product structure.
In terms of the quality of packaging products, enterprises should be guided to comprehensively improve the quality of packaging products from design, material selection, production, testing, management and other aspects. On the one hand, we should actively adopt low cost and green production technologies, develop low weight, high strength and functional paper packaging products, expand the application scope of paper packaging, encourage the use of environment-friendly raw materials and additives to develop customizable environment-friendly plastic packaging products, and enhance the protection, quality assurance and intelligent properties of plastic packaging products; On the other hand, it advocates the production of metal packaging products with thin-walled metal, coated iron, coated aluminum and other new materials to improve the utilization rate and corrosion resistance of metal packaging materials.
The brand of packaging products should focus on the research and development of green packaging materials, intelligent packaging equipment and high-end packaging products, and build a batch of packaging materials, packaging equipment and packaging products brands with high domestic market share and strong international market competitiveness.
Technical innovation enhances competitiveness
Solving the problem of improving the quality and efficiency of economic development is an important aspect of improving the competitiveness of the packaging industry. Its fundamental is to take innovation as the core, comprehensively improve the ability of independent innovation, integrated innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation of the packaging industry, and strive to break through the common key technology bottlenecks.
Build an innovation system. Focus on the implementation of the innovation capacity improvement plan of the packaging industry, guide enterprises to establish the R&D investment mechanism, and effectively improve the original innovation and integrated innovation capabilities of enterprises; We will optimize the allocation of scientific and technological resources, actively cultivate national technological innovation centers in the packaging industry, and focus on building a number of technological innovation alliances, collaborative innovation centers, scientific and technological achievements incubation bases, as well as platforms for the promotion and application of achievements, public technical services, technology and intellectual property transactions. At the same time, through the establishment of scientific and technological cooperation bodies, industrial collaborative innovation centers and industry-university-research cooperation demonstration bases at the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, a mechanism of co-cultivation and sharing of innovative talents has been formed.
Breakthrough key technologies. Formulate systematic technical solutions around key technologies in the fields of green packaging, safe packaging and intelligent packaging to promote the incubation, application and promotion of major scientific and technological achievements. Accelerate the establishment of packaging cloud design database, focus on the implementation of reduction and ecological design, focus on strengthening the research, development and application of packaging waste comprehensive recycling technology, and comprehensively improve the level of green packaging application and innovation; Focus on breaking through the technical bottleneck of identification and migration detection of hazardous substances in food and drug packaging, and significantly improve the safety assurance capability of food, drug and military packaging; Pay attention to the combination of packaging design and information technology, and promote the intellectualization of production process.
Strengthen demonstration application. Implement the high-end project of packaging products, organize a number of major projects for packaging product design innovation, process optimization and industrialization, actively develop materials such as lightweight high-strength paper, bio-based high barrier plastic, corrosion-resistant ultra-thin metal, lightweight energy-saving glass, and focus on the development of personalized, customized, refined and intelligent high-end packaging products; Implement the packaging industry informatization project, launch major projects such as packaging big data and industrial cloud, promote key technologies of packaging informatization such as smart labels and smart terminals, and carry out integrated innovation and engineering application demonstration of the deep integration of the new generation of packaging informatization and industrialization; Implement the intelligent project of packaging equipment, focus on the development of food and drug automatic packaging production line, packaging and printing integrated manufacturing equipment, modern logistics automatic packaging system and other major intelligent manufacturing complete equipment, and focus on promoting the application demonstration of packaging intelligent factory/digital workshop.
Green production and circular system
For the packaging industry, implementing the green concept is to implement the overall requirements of "resolutely oppose excessive packaging" in the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the specific goal of "transforming traditional production into green production" in the guidance on the transformation and development of the packaging industry.
Develop green packaging materials, accelerate the independent research and development process of green and high-performance packaging materials, develop a batch of key materials to fill the domestic gap, and break through the application and industrialization bottleneck of green and high-performance packaging materials; Research and develop relevant standards for green packaging materials, establish an environmental protection evaluation system for the selection of packaging materials, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of green packaging materials, and gradually promote the non-toxic and harmless packaging throughout its life cycle; Advocate the use of materials of the same material for packaging, and reduce the use of composite materials that are difficult to classify and recycle.
At the same time, with degradable and recyclable materials as the base material, a series of environmental protection packaging materials for food and drugs with good compatibility with the contents are developed to improve the safety of food and drug packaging. Break through the low-carbon preparation technology of industrial packaging materials, promote new packaging materials with excellent comprehensive protection performance and renewable reuse, and enhance the reliability of industrial packaging. In addition, it is also necessary to promote the deep integration of the military and civilian in the packaging material industry and promote the greening of packaging materials in special fields.
In addition, the packaging industry should also promote simplification, reduction, reuse and refinement of packaging design technology, and actively apply green packaging materials with high quality, low resource and energy consumption, small impact on human health and the environment, and easy to recycle; Increase the research and development of key green packaging materials, technologies, equipment, processes and products; Vigorously promote the application of solvent-free, water-based adhesive and other environment-friendly composite technologies, and advocate the use of flexible printing and other advanced printing processes with low (no) VOCs emissions; Focus on the development and promotion of waste plastic modification and recycling, waste (broken) glass recycling and reuse, separation of composite materials such as paper, aluminum and plastic, and recycling technology of packaging waste such as automatic identification, sorting and deinking of waste paper (metal, plastic, etc.), and promote the green production mode of enterprises. Therefore, we should strengthen the construction of green packaging manufacturing enterprises and park demonstration projects, build a number of green transformation demonstration bases, and form a number of key enterprises, large enterprise groups and industrial clusters with strong leadership, strong radiation and obvious competitive advantages.